Highlights of Conversations with Equinox


      Message for the World
      Protection and White Light
      What is Linkage?
      Hormones, Emotions and Knowledge
      What are Ascended Masters?
      Unconscious Control of our Lives


      Message for the World
      Media Influence
      Planetary Karma
      Reality is an Illusion
      Dreams and Magic
      Public Education in the U.S.
      Changing Your Past and Future


      Message for the World
      Why Do We Pair Bond?
      Dimensional Veils Thinning
      Is There an Absolute Truth?
      What Good Comes from Violence?
      Male, Female and Blended Genders


      Message for the World
      What are Emotions?
      Fate and Love
      Mutants, Cloning and "Different" Beings
      Human, Aminal and Plant Souls


      Message for the World
      Comparing "Advice" and "Meddling"
      Vulnerability and Relationships
      What is Death Like?
      History and Time Travel


      Message for the World
      Possessiveness in Relationships
      Being Satisfied with Life
      How to Attract the Right Man/Woman
      Different Perceptions of Karma
      Do All Possibilities Occur?
      How Much Free Will Do We Have?


      Message for the World
      Is There More U.F.O. Activity?
      What are Demons?
      Dimensions and Planes of Existence
      Re-Creations of Earth
      The Third Sex
      What Are Spirit Guides
      Contact With Guides
      Threads, Souls and Harmony


      Message for the World
      Mind Altering Drug Use
      Survival vs. Consciousness
      Using Thought Patterns to Create Joyousness
      "Soul-less" People and Fake Realities
      Ages of Earth, Noah's Ark, Bermuda Triangle


      Message for the World
      Are There Creators of Chaos?
      The "Tower of Babel" Myth
      Beliefs, Reality and Rules
      Planet X
      Perceptions of Love


      Message for the World
      How Many "100th Monkeys" Are There?
      Trusting the Media
      Knowledge and the Source
      Adam, Eve and Evolution
      What's in Antartica?
      Water and Mars
      What is the Holy Grail


      Message for the World
      Why We Seek Approval
      Communicating with People About Linkage
      Matter is NOT Solid!
      Where Did Mars' Water Go?
      Perspective and Judgement


      Message for the World
      Breaking the "Approval Seeking" Chain
      Making and Breaking Commitments
      Equinox's Perspective of Us
      Past Visitations of Equinox
      Introducing Wennar

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