Highlights of Conversations with Equinox


      Message for the World
      Is There a Common Way to Touch People?
      What are the Causes of Mental Disabilities?
      Using More of our Brains
      When Will Fusion Energy Become Useful?
      How Did Earth Become the Third Planet?
      How Are Members of Equinox Selected?
      A Comment About Crystals
      Humans and Coupling


      Message for the World
      Employment in Economic Crisis
      Is there Truth to Scientology?
      Why is Humanity Greedy and Selfish?
      Sleep, Dreams, and the Ego
      Preparing for Difficult Times
      Caring for Those with Brain Disorders
      Fear Based Television Programming
      Pathways of the Soul
      A Positive Approach to the Death Transition
      Dealing with our Economic Situation


      Message for the World
      The Ego and Control
      Where Do You Go When You Dream?
      Where are We on the Ascension Ladder?
      Do-Over Lives
      Effects of Parents' Purpose on Babies


      Message for the World
      Spiritual Masters
      Civilizations Within the Earth
      Dinosaurs, Sasquatches, and Seeding
      Seats of the Mind, Heart and Soul


      Message for the World
      What We Need to Know Now
      Releasing Karma
      Genetic Combination and Manipulation
      Equinox's Service Contribution to God


      Message for the World
      Finding Our Personal Journey
      Experienceing Love in Our Lives
      Can We Find Our Destiny in Life?
      How Much Predetermination is in Our Lives?
      Difficulty Learning to Meditate
      What is Wrong with Our Food?
      What is "Smart?"

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