Highlights of Conversations with Equinox


      Gratitude and Abundance
      Message for the World
      Interactions Between Lifetimes
      The Need for a God
      Hope, Expectation and Anticipation
      Life on the Moon and Mars
      Animal Souls vs. Human Souls


      Message for the World
      Why Should We Listen to Equinox?
      Recognizing the Right Path
      Ego Threads and Reincarnation
      What is Apathy?
      What is "Perfect"?
      Is the String Theory Correct?
      Repayment of Karmic Debts


      Message for the World
      Soul Families
      Past, Present and Future Lives
      Alternate Life Paths
      Don't Worry… Be Happy!
      What Total Linkage is Like
      Why Do We Have Rituals?
      An Advantage of Different Perceptions


      Message for the World
      Where Does the Soul Reside?
      Are There Beings Like Elves, Fairies?
      The Role of the Ego in Dreams
      How Past Lives Intersect


      Message for the World
      Cellular Memory and Transplants
      Ultimate Plans and Planetary Consciousness
      Close Encounter with Mars
      Types of Souls
      Living within Illusions


      Message for the World
      What does it mean to be Independent?
      What does Freedom mean?
      Sexuality and Taboos
      The 100th Monkey
      Trusting, Allowing and Discernment
      What True Linkage Would Feel Like


      Message for the World
      Does Belief in Hell Create It?
      What Does Grief Teach Us?
      Connection between Humans and the Planet
      What is Forgiveness?


      Message for the World
      Belief in a Punishing God
      Is Jesus the Son of God?
      Media and Spreading Awareness
      Soul Families
      Free Will and Perfection


      Message for the World
      Fear vs Joy
      Has Our Consciousness Raised?
      Our Desire to Alter our Concsiousness
      What is the SARS virus?
      Patterns in the Aura
      How Beliefs Affect your Body
      How Long Will the War Last?
      Unique Vibrations of the Soul


      Message for the World
      Wants vs Needs
      Becoming Linked
      Psychic Recognition


      Message for the World
      Agendas: Soul's vs. Ego's
      Karma and Choice
      Recognizing our Connectedness
      What is Perfect?


      The Myth of Lack
      Message for the World


      Message for the World
      How we can prevent a war in Iraq


      Message for the World
      The sniper incident near Washington

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