Welcome to "Myama", dedicated to assisting humanity in its progress toward true consciousness, harmony and its fullest potential.

For the last 25 years the channelings of Equinox have provided an impressive amount of information that we feel is crucial for this planet at this time. The purpose for creating this web site is to effectively share what we have been given with those people who wish to help further the evolution of consciousness on this planet.

Equinox is a channeled "group entity" comprised of beings from all known planets and existences. They are committed to assisting humankind toward more conscious and harmonious living with both itself and the rest of the planet.

Presented here are transcripts from the ongoing channeled sessions with Equinox, profiles of the members of Myama and much more. Because conditions in the world are critical right now, we have added a "highlights" section which features monthly installments of "what Equinox feels we should know at this time" and whatever else we pick that seems important or relevant to current events.

We suggest that you begin your experience here by examining our mission statement and discovering more about Equinox and why they choose to share their perspective with us.

We welcome you!

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