On February 4, 1995, a question asked of Equinox was, "Why do alien abductions happen and for what purpose?"

There is more than one type of alien abduction. Dost thou know this thing?

Q: Do you mean like different types of aliens?

Yes and different reasons for this thing. There be entities from the Pleiades who take for rides beings upon Terra, but these are not what we would consider to be abductions. These (Pleiadean) entities have entities upon Terra who are genetically their ancestors. They are making contact for it is their mission to do what they can to help Terra to survive and to help their offspring that were planted here to continue and multiply. They are making contact with many of their offspring and showing them so that they may recapture memories that are in their genetics. Dost thou understand?

Q: Perhaps you could explain genetic memory.

Dost thou not know that within thy cells all things that ever were, are stored and that with the right components of chemicals, these can be unlocked?

Q: What type of chemicals?

They are chemicals that thy body creates. If thy scientists were to take a cell, they could from this cell and the right of chemicals reproduce thee. This is genetic memory. How does this one cell know that it is thee? It would produce thee so total that every single one of thy hairs would still be there and in the proper place, every freckle, and every thing that were in the original that was thee. This is genetic memory. When unlocked further in thy brains, then thee will also have a literal memory of thy ancestors. It is as though thee can look within thy aura, or the aura of another, and see all that thy soul has experienced.

Q: Does keeping our bodies healthy and in balance help with the release of the memories?

No. That just helps thee survive on Terra.

Q: So what helps the release of the memories?

They have to be that which thee call activated. The chemical is released, just as the chemicals within thy plant life have a release which causes it to make patterns all over the planets. Is that not so?

Q: Yes.

Same with humankind.

Q: So what triggers this activation? Something that we do, or is (something) done to us?

Done to you.

Q: And then that triggers the memory of "all" of the past lives that any one entity has had?

Yes, but it shall not be so with humans yet. Even the Pleiadean humans cannot do this for it would be so overwhelming that humans could not function. So (the past life memories that) shall be released are only those that will help one to do their duty upon Terra.

Q: What percentage of the population has been activated?

It is a percentage of a percentage, about 100th of a percentage point. Very rare. The other abductions, are you ready for the percentage? Thirty-five percent of humankind have committed to being utilized for genetic purposes. These purposes are not malicious. These purposes are for breeding races that can survive no matter what occurs to poison them.

Q: How many of the people present for the channeling are being abducted?

We would say the majority. For once the abductions occur, again, cellular memory is begun to be released. When this happens, thee begin to become more questing, more questioning, and more believing that there is more than what is within thy touch and thy knowledge.

Q: The actual conscious memory of the abduction isn't often kept by many of us. Why?

More and more of this conscious remembrance will happen.

Q: How many are remembering now?

A small percentage, maybe 5 percent.

Q: When will more people remember?

It is time. It needs to be. This is when everything happens: when it is time, when it needs to be.

Q: Why does it need to be? What is it that we are trying to accomplish?

An alliance. Dost thou not understand that if thee begin to see thyself as part of the universe, instead of as a singular planet within a vastness, then perhaps thee will stop fighting for such little pieces. It is kind of futile, is it not? What dost thou gain if thee destroy thy planet? Dost thou think that we other creatures on other planets and in other galaxies and other dimensions will welcome thee unless thee be evolved, connected and part of the whole? Thy consciousness must be awakened for this. And if enough entities become conscious that they are not separate, that every being upon Terra, every plant and the planet itself, and every animal is genetically linked to one another because it was originally a seed, and if this can be more than a thought, but a total belief and reality, could thou kill one another?

Q: No! I understand that the merging of aliens and abductees produce offspring. Is it true that the offspring are then used to seed other planets?

Partially, but not necessarily all true. Thee have to understand that just as the hybrid plants and animals sometimes are defective, these hybrid offspring be defective. They cannot reproduce, or they are not what was hoped for. And these entities are used for other things. It is the greatly connected beings that are being seeded, but also many of them shall come to Terra when it is needed to help preserve the planet.

Q: Because they have the genetics of the humans?

The combined genetics, yes.

Q: Besides the breeding, are we also learning other things from these aliens?


Q: How are we learning? Are we able to just sit down and talk to them?

Dost thou ask whether there is a discussion when thee be abducted? No, but there are beings living upon Terra that have ongoing communications with thy scientists and thy governments and they (the aliens) teach much. You are not being told about this because it is thought that you cannot handle it.

Q: So why is it that they don't sit down and have conversations with us?

How long does thou want to be gone? Dost thou not think that thee would be missed? This is primarily why this is occurring.

Q: How long are we usually gone?

Usually one or two of thy hours.

Q: Can one be genetically half human and half alien and still look human?


Q: How many different types of species have successfully bred with humans?

We believe that the number is seven.

Q: Are these the aliens that are popularized in our media that look more like a human?

No, not necessarily. Thee are being arrogant when thee believe that thy animal species cannot also be evolved and be alien.

Q: I was listening to a popular radio show with Art Bell the other night. On the show was a guest who had been researching alien abductions for thirty years. This man was saying that aliens with low I.Q.s have been doing the abducting. Is this true?

It is now a common myth, which we believe is what thy government calls disinformation, that we beings that are grays, and this being who talks now is a gray, are not only of low I.Q. but have no soul like strawberry ice cream and pie.

Q: The guest seemed generally not to believe the government, so why is he buying into just one little piece of this belief?

The best way (to spread) disinformation is to put people within the group. Is this not so in thy government throughout history? This man might not necessarily be working for the government, but his information could be coming from an unreliable source.

Q: Could the aliens be sending their less intelligent to collect information to be taken back to be analyzed by their more intelligent?

Understand as something becomes a popular conversation piece, it is that which thee would call boredom to repeat the same thing. So if someone can make a slight piece different, does this not draw attention?

Q: It also discredits all of the valid information.

Absolute. Is this not what we say when we say that thee must learn to trust thy instincts, and that thy soul knows what is true? Unfortunately, it has been within Terra the tradition to be led and not to be a leader. Consequently, thee do not need to use thy brain or thy instincts. It is time to understand that there be no such things as a big daddy or big mommy to take care of thee. That which is the universal force of love will give thee whatever thee think thee want. It will not discern what is best. For everything is best if thee believe it is. Thy government, thy kings, thy queens, and even thy mothers and fathers do not always know what thy soul has planned.

Q: Are the abductions at random?


Q: Why are the people chosen to be abducted nonbelievers, the stories that they tell seem to be hurtful in many ways? Why are they not taking people who are willing to help and learn and would like to communicate?

First of all, we would like the entities in this room who know they have been abducted to raise something. That takes away from the myth that it is only the entities that do not believe. Now of the group of thee, did any of thee come back with terror. Admit it. There were some of thee that did not (come back with terror), and there were some that did. Even this entity that we use as the vehicle had a terrorful time, and we will explain why. The entities who are having these experiences are entities that, before they chose to be born upon Terra at this time, made a commitment to be having these experiences. The reason that they do not remember this is because most entities do not remember the commitments that their soul has made, their karma.

Why do they feel fear? We will ask thee to take thy memory backward to being a child of five. Were thee taken to a doctor and had needles put within thy arms? Did this not promote fear? Does anyone here want to be taken to a hospital when they are five and have things done to them that they do not understand? This is the exact thing. The memory is gone but the commitment has been made. And the experiences are frightening as anything that is not understood is frightening. It is not that they are truly painful, (but thee may have physical side effects). It is not that it is painful necessarily, it is that it is so out of the realm of the consciousness at the point that it first occurs, which is usually in early childhood.

Q: Why do they continue to take temporary custody time, after time? Are they continuing to learn from us every day?

Yes. Also they do believe that a nurturing that takes place between the mother and father and the child is important and that these children who are being raised primarily with one set of beings also need contact with the other set.

Q: Are most of the abductions happening when we are asleep?

Most, but not all. And there have been others that have taken much longer than the 2 or 3 hours.

Q: What is their intention? Are they looking for something specific before they can wake us up and say, "Hey, now you are one of us?"

The easiest way for us to explain this is that these beings that abduct have a treaty with thy governments not to make this awareness known until it is okay with the governments of the planet Earth.

Q: I don't necessarily go along with our government on many things. Just because I live here doesn't mean I agree with all of its edicts. I would prefer that the aliens deal with me directly. I don't care what agreement they made with the government.

It is true that the agreements made prior to thy being born are made with thy soul and thee have agreed to all terms. What thee ask is, why the gray entities are not making themselves known throughout Terra and what is this about? The reason is that they must make treaties with beings in power. There be no other choices at this point. This will change.

Q: My next question is that earlier you said that humanity would not be welcome or accepted into the wider community of beings in the universe and other dimensions unless we realize not only in thought that we are one, and therefore, would also not kill. And you made references to the animal kingdom now in unity with the wider community. Well I saw a very interesting segment on Nova about ants and their armies, and how they go about and kill and find their way. So why are we being judged so harshly? There is something unfair about this process.

It is very simple. If thee put thy consciousness into the position of an ant then thee shall remain an ant. But all things must evolve and we are watching that many of the animal species upon Terra are becoming more connected than the human species upon Terra and thee have the added ability that thee have the power on Terra. These animals do not. Yet thee grow slowly, often more slowly. This is all we speak of.

Q: I look forward to the day when this whole process becomes a more conscious one here.

It shall happen much sooner than you think.

Q: What is your I.Q.?

We have two things to say upon this. As a combined consciousness this is an impossible question to answer. As an individual consciousness within the combined consciousness, what we view to be (the greatest) force of all things is creativity. How can this be measured?

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