On February 3, 1989, a question asked of Equinox was "There has been a lot published about aliens. Some state that the aliens are friendly and some state that the aliens are monsters that do things to human beings. I would like for you to tell us about this."

Yes, we would love to do this, for it is not a new phenomenon. And what we are here to say is that this has been going on for many centuries, many centuries. And that it was much more often happening when the land was filled with available minds and less weaponry. And what we would say is the planet of Terra is a planetary force that is and was an experiment. Many beings use Terra to try life forms.

Q: To try life forms?

This is so. And life forms were planted on Terra at different of stages of its development. And some persist, and some no longer do. And like all good scientists, dost thou not need to check the progress? And this has been done through many eons. And those entities upon Terra who have been visited, who have been implanted, who have been what has been called kidnaped, are actually entities who gave permission for this prior to that incarnation.

Q: It sounds like you are saying that the human race is one of the experiments?

This is not it solely. Where you get that is just because of thy humanness belief of thy superiority? It is not just of thy humans. It is also many of the plant and animal species as well. There are as a matter of fact evolved beings living on Terra at all times to watch over the progress of certain areas. And these beings are much in weakness, possibly not of long lastingness.

Q: When our scientists on Earth do an experiment, they usually do it to answer a question. What question is behind this experiment?

There are many questions behind this experiment. The choicest of these is, can certain life forces grow and prosper and continue to exist on an orb that is not friendly? Can thy adapt? And did they not? Did you not adapt? Do not all beings adapt? Is this not what is known as evolvement? And this was the experiment, which shall advance and which shall not.

Q: This planet that you call Terra has its own consciousness, is this right?

As all things grow, a consciousness grows there.

Q: Then a consciousness of Terra also would be a permission for this experiment to be carried out?

Terra would not exist without first having been formed itself. Terra itself is part of this experiment. And a blessed one, for she has done well. Others upon her have not.

Q: I am curious as to the urgency of this message now. Why?

The urgency is that many more such things shall occur, and it is time for thy beings to become aware that this is happening. And stop fearing other beings to understand that much of this testing now is being done in order to see how much damage has been done from the original being, due to thy poisons upon Terra. And if we discover what damage, may we not help to alleviate it? It is necessary for thy planet is in pain. And when a living being is in pain, it must try to remove the source of this. Are you a source?

Q: Can you explain the technology, how other beings can fly faster than the speed of electricity?

Electricity is a very simple of substances, which work not at all in a way that would be beneficial to us. Many planets use many things. My planet uses a light source that would be much like a beam of light which would be a direct focus. That within this beam of light there is a continuity, and as the particles move, so do we, at the same speed.

Q: How can a huge machine fly through the air?

It is not as "flying" through air. It is adjusting the particles and becoming light.

Q: If we are here to help stop the pain and evolve, why are the visitations, experiments, or abductions tend to be so traumatic, so painful and terrifying? Why are these beings not asked if they want to be taken instead of just being taken and disabled in some way?

All things that are feared become painful. All things not within thy direction become feared. And if the beings should put out a general call for assistance, would they get a good sampling of the population, or just those that believed?

Q: But there are those and several in this room that have been abducted, they were not asked.

They were asked before they came into this lifetime. It was a prior commitment. This is one of the major reasons these beings were born upon Terra at this time. If they do not choose to retain this memory, this too is karma. Is it not? Dost thou not have painful experiences within this lifetime? Dost thou have to have permission first?

Q: You are comparing two different things.

This is not so. We are comparing same things. If you choose to drive your automobile in a reckless manner and have accidents, and go into the hospital and are unconscious, does not thy medical personnel do what must be done, even when you cannot give your permission? What is the difference here? You are dying, so what is the difference here?

Q: By in large, the medical personnel will not give much medical attention unless they have your permission.

Is this a good thing? We believe that in all cases because it is well into the programming that when thy soul and body are in much pain, that the choice would be to stop it. And this does not necessarily mean that the entity should die.

Q: I wonder why we get no choice, right at the time when a person is being experimented upon to decide consciously if we want to help, to give the person a choice.

In such instances, the acceptance would change the experiment. It must be done in this way. In certain of instances, the question is asked and the person accepts. Today, this vehicle was guided to browse a picture upon the TV, where two beings stated their experience. Of the two beings, the masculine entity was in much pain although the identical procedure was given to the feminine of beings. She enjoyed it and was very gracious and kindly to her captors. He was not. It is often the karma of the being to have the experience, to have the reaction to the experience. As in anything else, there is a choice as to how to react, is there not? This is what establishes karma. Do not blame others for a reaction of pain to perhaps a nonpainful stimulus.

Q: Is there concern as to how the human is going to receive this?

Of course there is some concern. It is not so much that the procedures are of painfulness. It is more that the people are in fear for they have lost control. It is the entities who chose never to lose control, who choose not to be touched by anyone without complete consent that react the worst to this.

Q: Is it not evil to put a person in that position against their will?

It is not against their will for it was discussed and accepted prior to the incarnation. And it is in many ways the whole purpose of the incarnation.

Q: We have a concept here that you seem to lack. One is not always competent to make a commitment?

It is not so on the other side. For when all things are seen and understood of thy past and thy future, there is no more data to be competent with. You may wish for everything to be as you would like, however, it is not what the process is about. The process is about merging, not taking over. How many entities have been known to have been kidnapped and have a physical problems? None. The problem is lack of control and disrememberance of a prior commitment. We are human. And when it is done, it is done with love.

Q: The communications when abducted seem more of the looks than of actual communication of words. Are the entities able to speak our language?

They speak in the way that is more effective, and this is through the mind where all things cannot be misunderstood.

Q: Those that did not feel that they were being communicated with, was perhaps the fear blocking that communication.

They were not listening, for there is always a communication.

Q: So Terra is a very, very large experimental laboratory?

Yes this is so. It is not the only one, but is a favorite.

Q: It must be for we are constantly bombarded with UFOs.

It is time. For there is not much time left to do healing.

Q: Not much time? Are we talking about a time when everything will be gone?

This is never so. For we will not allow such. Terra will always be here. It shall not disappear for many, many, many, many, many eons. At some point all planetary beings die. Just as all human of beings die. But not for much, much longer, unless it is allowed to be totally of destruction. There are many laboratories, but not in your galaxy. There was, however, no longer, quite a thriving of civilizations upon what you call Venus, but it is no longer. It was even prior to life forming on Terra.

Q: Did their civilization die because they deemed it so?

The essences desired transfers to more hospitable planetary substances. They chose to change there home because it was much difficult to live upon. They went off into the stars themselves. None came to Terra.

Q: I sense anger to our reaction to these visits. So many people want very much to be visited.

All beings shall be visited. It shall occur. At some point in time, all beings upon Terra will have the opportunity to meet alien beings as they are called and accept them as such.

Q: How can we eliminate some of the fear?

This is what we try to do now. We are trying to settle the fear. These beings love you.

Q: Are we not talking to what could be considered alien beings now?

Many of us were. Yes. Not all, but many of us.

Q: Is there any fear in this room?

Yes, there is fear within this room.

Q: Fear of the unknown.

This is so. So we are making known. We hope that many more people who have had these experiences will no longer keep mute. For there are many hundreds of thousands of entities upon Terra who have seen and been with us who have not made this known for their fear of what society will bring onto them and in some cases death.

Q: Does it help to wish for personal communication?

Leave thy heart, mind and soul open. They are out there now. They shall see the light and shall do what they can.

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