On November 5, 1993, Equinox was asked "Who seeded the planet Earth, and why?"

There have been many entities that have done that which we call seeding of the planet. It be an experiment. It be a lesson in power. It be a unity of many beings in order to facilitate strengthening of their species.

Q: How does seeding this planet facilitate strengthening other species?

For those beings that continue to exist (on Terra) are of a superior strain. And as this planet, Terra becomes even more negatively charged, does it not strengthen the beings that be left? And if this thing (the ones who remain) then be transferred to other places, do these entities not have a stronger probability of continued existence?

Q: Yes, except that the humans themselves are creating the negativity.

Dost thou believe that the universe exists in a series of accidents? Then is it not meant that the beings of Terra proceed exactly as they are? And is it also not meant that as thee grow in superior knowledge of existence each cell at a time, that taking some of those cells and transporting them to beings that be of less physical superiority can then adjust those beings as well.

Q: Is that what is happening?

It is so. When we say superior, we speak only of the physical bodies. And are there not creatures on other spheres which have a less dense and capable form? The merging of these things, can this not add (to their forms)?

Q: How do they take cells from one being and put them into another?

One way would be implantation. And these things that be implanted do they not grow and then can they not be harvested?

Q: By harvested, do you mean taken after maturing and put somewhere else?

Taken prematurely and grown to fruition somewhere else. The host being is then left at that same level. There have been many alien societies who have merged upon Terra. There were the entities from the star Sirius. There were entities from the Pleadies. There are the entities from many galaxies that thee are not even aware of that have come and added to thy planet. This is why that even though all upon Terra have a total linkage of being, there will be still such a variety of not only what thee consider to be the Homo Sapiens, but also that which thee consider to be lower life forms, which are actually just other life forms of self. And these things also play host to enlarge upon other areas. If thee take a hearty plant creature and merge it with one that is less hearty, dost thou not get a superior being? Is this not what we just said was done with Homo Sapiens? Why would it stop there? In thy arrogance dost thou think that thee be superior to many of what exists upon Terra, that has existed longer and better?

Q: Are there any particular groups that contributed particular things?

Yes, much. The beings from Sirius were the originators and were the fathers and mothers for that which be in the sea, and that which be in the souls. It be those beings from the Pleadies that added that which was considered to be animal and connected that which is considered to be human. Many entities have added to the magnetic field of thy planet. There have even been such that other orbs that were also within thy nine planets had to be moved so the experiment could continue to thrive. Some of these became that which is asteroids. Many things have been done to make this (planet) habitable. We question why thee think of it as being non habitable.

Q: You refer to this as an experiment, and according to certain individuals this is the third time that the experiment has been tried, what causes the experiment to be terminated?

This is not really terminated, this that is Terra is never completely ravaged, and those that remain are heartier. And dost thou understand that many strains of what thee call viruses are some of the heartiest beings that thrive upon Terra? And dost thou understand that these be living essences just as thee be a living essence, and they be symbiotic just as thee be symbiotic? And as these things, some of which kill thee, dost thou not kill other things on Terra? What is the difference? It is very difficult to consider yourselves viruses, is it not? But we would like to know what the difference is.

Q: You at one point had said that the difference between humans and animals was that humans were on a path of learning so that we could get back to the All and that animals had simply never left, therefore, they were different from us in that way.

This is so. It is that they have already met the fullness of consciousness that thee still seek. Sometimes it be better to not have what thee call acute intelligence. All of thee are not on the same path. These are helpers along thy path.

Q: So in calling us sentient beings and others non sentient beings, is that a fallacy?

It is egotistical. Is it not so, that all of the beings in this room would have problems continuing to live if they realized that to do such, they must kill? So in thy arrogance, thee tell thy selves that there be beings upon Terra that deserve to die so that thee can continue to exist and for this thee must believe in thy superiority, is this not so? Can thee exist without killing? No. Dost thou understand what kind of superior consciousness would allow itself to die for thee. Would thee do this for another?

Q: That is a tough question. You had said at one point that dolphins were also ensouled the way that we are.

Everything is. What we said was, that the beings considered the dolphin, and even the mammal known as the whale, are sentient beings from other planets. There be whole planets of these beings that live in harmony.

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