On June 7, 1991, Equinox was asked "What is the music of the soul? Why does it exist?"

Dost thou understand that all beings are of energy and energy has vibrations? If one has bells and a vibration touches, does not that resound in sound?

Q: Yes, it does.

How can thee exist within an area so filled with that which may make sound that thy vibration could not create? Each vibration creates sound, and only those that be tuned may hear it.

Q: So it is our vibration against the things around us that makes the sound? My vibration, say against that table, makes a certain sound?

This is so.

Q: And everybody makes a different sound and everyone has their own tune?

Everyone, for no two beings vibrate the same.

Q: Not even identical twins?

No two beings vibrate identically. They vibrate in harmony or in disharmony, and some vibrate so perfectly in unison that it be a resounding duet. But this not be alike, it just be well done.

Q: Speaking of discordant, would that also reflect on how we feel about certain people when we meet them?

Oh, yes!

Q: Not just the aura, but also the sound?

But is this not the aura, the visual manifestation of the vibration?

Q: Yes.

Shall there not also be in the aura a musical?

Q: Yes.

Then as you say "hearing the aura."

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