On May 5, 1995, Equinox was asked, "How do you define compassion? Are acts of compassion a way to affect karma?"

Does thou want an explanation of how we see Terrans describing compassion, as in the United States of America?

Q: Why don't you give us a couple of different perspectives?

Okay. The perspective that we see upon Terra of compassion is actually the entity putting themselves into the situation and thus feeling this emotion not for the other person but for themselves. So in this way it is goodly, and yet it is not quite complete. It is goodly for when thee do this thing, then we all be connected. It is not yet complete because many people think that their compassionate acts are done selflessly.

Q: They are done selfishly?

We are not saying they are selfishly done. We are saying they are done not in consciousness. Often times that which is considered by the entity that does the act as compassion, is not considered by the person that the act is done to as compassion. When thee take an entity who has chosen to learn life's lessons through a struggle, and thee dump upon them too much, too fast, what happens?

Q: They become resentful.

Do they not often fail? And do they not often become more resentful? The reality of what is occurring is that thee are making a judgment that what thee have to give this entity will make the entirety of its existence better. Can you say this? Is this period right now the entirety of thy existence?

Q: No.

So in thy need to feel goodly about self, thee may become the instrument of causing great soul damage. Is it not so? What we feel is true compassion is the linkage with all. For when thee are truly linked, this is not needed. Nothing is needed. It is not even in the consciousness.

Q: Are acts of compassion a way to affect karma?

Usually negative karma.

Q: It seems like if you take away someone's opportunity to learn a lesson, you might be gaining their karma.

Only if thee think this, and there be many cultures that do. But often times what occurs is, is it not true that when thee reach out with a helping hand to another being, and that being does something that disappoints thee, that thee feel angry and hurt thyself? Is that not negative karma? It is because thee did not reach out with no need for reinforcement. Thee reached out in judgment.

Q: So it is unconditional love that is linkage?

There is no such thing as unconditional love!

Q: Then what do you mean by linking?

Losing the concept of separateness, which is what thee have read of as losing the concept of ego, but it is more like the ego grows larger because there be so much strengths in the unity.

Q: I suppose most humans don't know the difference between compassion and linkage, and that is why I am asking the question.

Compassion always has a component of expectation. Linkage has no expectation except that thee and thee and thee are all exactly alike. All of thee have the same fears, the same joys, the same pains, and all of these things. For we are all of the same energies. Just some have not accessed all the information at the same rate as others.

Q: There is no such thing as unconditional love?

No! Does thou not all put a condition on love?

Q: Depends on how you define love?


Q: Do you define it as linkage?

Love can be defined as anything, but on Terra it usually is, "If I give everything to thee, then thee must give it all back to me in twice!" This is relationship, an expectation of return on thy investment and, oftentimes, a greater return. Whether that return be perceived as positive or negative, it is still a return.

Q: But it is not that unconditional love does not exist, it is just that we do not manifest it. Isn't that true?

Absolutely. The only unconditional love that exists is that which is of the All. Does thou not know that in the linkage, in the All, no judgments take place at all? None! If thee choose to punish thyself over and over, then this energy will bless this punishment and feel goodly about it. That is nonjudgment and unconditional love. It is goodly. It is difficult.

Q: What can we do to increase our capacity for unconditional love?

The only thing that can be done at this moment of thy cycle is to totally accept within thyself that all things are one. Attempt to release the belief in separateness. The belief in separateness takes all responsibilities away. The belief in separateness allows thee to think it is acceptable that 10,000 people die, that people are starving, that animals are being tortured, and this is supposed to be. These things are acceptable because they are not thy worries, is this not so? They are! For all things affect thee. It is as though thee be one organism -- one organism. And so a virus attacks one side of the organism. Does that mean that the other side should not pay attention?

Q: Could you talk about loving thy enemies?

There are no enemies. This is all a reflection of thy reality. If thee create this, then thee create thy enemies. And are not they wondrous for bringing you this wonderful opportunity to grow? And believe it, thee will be someone's enemy. There are no enemies. There are only beings that thee do not understand and are having trouble with, so they become enemies. But cannot these beings at other times be friends? Again, thee speak from a very limited perspective. Thee speak from the perspective of this very short length of what thee call time. If thee live to be 100 of thy years, what is that in the billions of years that the universe has existed? It is one teardrop in the pool of tears that have flowed for generations. It has relevance, but only in what it is as a total.

Q: This perspective of "nonenemy," what is the response when you want to give love? Is it no response at all? Define the right response in the midst of drama?

The right response in the midst of drama is that response that thee make. For it will provide thee with learning, no matter what it is. And as we have said, it is important that thee know that the whole reason that thee are doing this is to learn. If thee were perfect, thee would not be here. All responses are perfect if thee learn from them. And it is impossible not to learn, is it not? If thee do something, thee have learned something. Whether that is that thee never want to do that again or that it worked.

Q: So that means in learning, we make preferences?


Q: So when we have created preferences and we face situations that do not seem to be in alignment with those preferences, how do we reconcile that within ourselves so that we can still link?

The first way is to stop thinking that thee must be the right one. Is it not possible that the other being could be right too? Stop seeing thyself as right and instead allow thyself to understand that it is appropriate to be uncomfortable. It is not appropriate to take this discomfort and put it somewhere else.

Q: In other words, don't project?

Yes. This will be difficult as everything is a mirror, is it not? And is it not true that when thee look in a mirror, thee do not see thy true self. Everything is backward, is it not so? And thee see a projection of thyself. It is wondrous how blissfully thee learn in physical.

Q: You were saying that we are all part of the same mold. This means that at some level we are already linked but not on a conscious level.

Absolutely. We said that many entities have forgotten how to access this and some are better than others. It is not that there be different levels of growth. We hear this all the time, "This be a new soul, an old soul." This is bull. There be only levels in what thee are accessing in thy "memories" for each lifetime. This is not better or worse, or greater or lesser. It just is!

Q: If we are all linked, then whatever we do including when we do something good, it affects the whole just like a virus? If we do something negative, it affects the whole?

Absolute! If thee are driving down thy streets and thee begin to yell obscenities at other drivers, remember what that does. Instead smile at the person, tell this entity that they be perfect, and move on. It is wondrous.

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