On June 7, 1991, one general question asked of Equinox was "What are some reasons why people feel the need to control others?"

What we would say unto thee is that these reasons are as varied as the individuals upon Terra. But mostly it appears from our observation that many entities upon Terra choose to act in this way because their fear be so great that it only gives them safety when they be in powerfulness over others.

Q: Does the fear stem from not being able to control oneself?

This fear in many cases stems from not knowing thy connectedness with thy god. And it comes from feeling not in strength but in weakness, because the entity does not know self.

Q: Why is it so powerful?


Q: Yes.

It be so powerful because it lives within heaviness.

Q: I did not understand the part about the heaviness. Could you explain that further?

Why fear be so strong be because it be so heavy. Is not fear heavy to carry? Is not laughter light and thus it flows? So fear with its heaviness is held onto much longer.

Q: Let me just ask one specific question just to illustrate a little bit more, say, in the case of Saddam Hussein, his need to control, it seems to be taken to such an extreme over his countrymen and everybody else, can we discuss why his need is there?

This specific entity we will not discuss, but entities in power over countries, maybe as was the case with the Adolf of Hitler, came from an existence in earliness of growth of the soul in this incarnation of being much controlled. When one is grown to be controlled, does it not give control all power? And if thee be of much fear of being in this position, then what does one grow to do then?

Q: To never be put in that position?

This is what is hoped for and this is often what happens. And then never again does this small being which never grew within the larger being have to face being controlled.

Q: I don't completely understand what you said in the early part of that, about the early growth of his soul?

Within this incarnation.

Q: I see.

Thee be born with thy soul of the totality of all thy lives, but thy memory of these things be of nothing. And thus thee are grown in each life time to believe that this is all there is. And when thee be of much smallness, and thee can see nothing else but this, only this, is this not a growth of the soul?

Q: Yes, it is.

Now dost thou understand?

Q: Yes I do. Thank you. In the beginning, aren't there memories of past lives though?

There be memory, but there not be an ability to pull and collate this data, to know what thee be seeing.

Q: How long does the entity remember?

We shall say that it would be different for most. It be like all other growth, when the other entity begins to see itself as self.

Q: Are you saying that, for example, Hitler as a baby in this life felt so controlled that he had to be constantly controlling in order to survive in this life?

This be so. Power became this entity's salvation.

Q: If a person, say a Hitler or a Saddam, comes to power, the people that they are controlling give up their power to them, is this not correct? They are looking for someone to take over the burden and to give them the control that they themselves are afraid to take?

And is this not of perfection?

Q: Yes.

This be so. For as there be entities who grow seeing the control and wanting thus to be in this position, there be entities that grow seeing nothing but chaos and looking for someone to make it all that is right. It be much easier to give over thy power than to take it. Is this not so?

Q: Yes.

It feels lighter.

Q: It also releases some of the responsibility from yourself.

Which also feels lighter.

Q: Yes.

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