On March 1, 1991, Equinox was asked, "A book I was reading was saying that the pyramids are some kind of calendar so that when the moon lined up with the pyramid if it was going to predict when the next pole shift was going to take place?"

The gates vibrate when times are of strife. There be a shift going on as we have stated. As the shift takes place and the magnetic center is in change, does this not affect these things? This be all.

Q: So it doesn't have anything to do with the pole shift that they expect?

It is happening.

Q: So it is happening gradually? The book said it would happen fast.

If this were so, would not thy planet drop its crust and all that live upon it? Does this need to happen? Is this not what we try to prevent in thy consciousness? Why does thou always want to choose the worst of the scenarios? This be a gradual process. It has happened before. It does not have to be done rapidly so that the planet dies. It may be done in slowness, unless helped.

Q: What ways could we possibly prevent it from happening faster than we can handle?

Keep thy consciousness in goodness. Think not in terms of bombs, and think in terms of keeping the balance in thy natures.

Q: It can only be a good thing like a rebirth or cleansing?

By dropping off the whole surface?

Q: No, by doing it gradually.

Oh, this be so. It is. It must be done. It cannot stay this way forever.

Q: The pole shift is a good thing if we keep it that way in our consciousness?

This be so.

Q: Is the pole shift a little bit like a balancing?

This be so.

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