On March 1, 1991, Equinox was asked, "Could you discuss the evolution of the soul, the essence or the spirit?"

From what point to where?

Q: Well, since you have told us that all souls begin with God, can you explain to us the evolution of the split, the learning process, and then going back to God?

There be that which is completeness. This completeness thee choose to call God. In the completeness, there also be the desire for newness and in this desire there be what thee would call a separation. But it never be a separation. Upon Terra is it not so that we have stated that thee be not separate from one another, but thee feel as though thee be alone? Thee be not separate from thy creation. Thee be still of this thing. It be only in thy consciousness that the separation takes place. Thee be not separate. Thee be experiencing differing of things to make the completeness even yet more perfect. It be a concept that be hard for thee to understand. But if thee know all there is to know on a subject, does this stop thee from wanting to know more?

Q: No.

This be the same. And so there be no separation. There be only steps to learning. Thee be feeling only the separation. That is why when thee allow thyself to merge with thyself, the separation vanishes. The evolution of the soul is only to understand that there be nothing that is uniquely you, for all things be merged. But in this merging, all things be more powerful. This be the evolution.

Q: The process that we as humans go through, can you expound upon that?

We believe that the process that Terrans choose to experience is polarity. This be what they chose to experience. They cannot conceive of perfection, but they can only perceive of imperfection. So to learn of the left, they follow the right. Finally, this be understood to be circular. There be no right or left. There just be. Then thee can choose not to be on Terra any longer.

Q: So once we leave this plane and go back to the spirit form, and we know a great deal more than we seem to know now, why is it then that we do not feel the completeness or know the completeness, and still need further lessons to learn before attaining the completeness?

Because on some other planes and levels, the completeness is still not there. There be still the knowledge of incompleteness. It not be until this be fully in acceptance that thy cycles stop. It does not matter whether thee be on Terra or thee be without body, or thee be on the eighth light plane. Thee still have lessons, and these lessons just have to do with different levels of completeness. There be beings who be on a plane of existence that thee would consider superior to thine. Superiorities and inferiorities do not exist either. But there be other planes that thee would consider to be more evolved than thine, where the entities feel incomplete because they do not have physical. Thee might find this strange for thee perceive so much more if thee not have physical. This be why entities of Equinox such as Deloyd spent much time showing thee how wondrous it is to have this shell which can feel, hurt, taste, cry, laugh, and love. This be of wonderment. But thee always try to abandon it some way.

Q: It is a basic human characteristic that we believe the grass is always greener....

We believe nothing be basically human. This statement means it is within thy consciousness to believe this thing, and we are saying that the belief of this thing is what makes it so. There be nothing that makes one basically human.

Q: When you refer to planes, do you also mean planets?

This be different. There be different planets. There be different planes. There be different dimensions upon the planets.

Q: Could you describe those planes?

There be many. There be planes of existence in which nothing has substance. There be planes of existence in which whatever thee have thought is of matter. There be planes of existence in which it is total unity, but still a growth takes place.

Q: What determines what plane you evolve to?

Whatever you are ready to accept. This is what is determinate. What thee be ready to accept. This is why when there be work to be done upon what thee call the other of sides, thee may go to the other of sides and find beauteous gardens and entities sitting within these beauteous gardens. Thee may go again and find entities who appear to be studying and learning within classrooms. Thee may go again and find what appears to be music, and entities sitting within light absorbing the sound. These be different planes upon the other side, not one place, but many levels of one place. If thee believe that the other side is exactly like Cincinnaties of Ohio, this be what thee be comfortable learning in and until such time as this changes, then this shall be so. If thee believe in totality that thy essence needs to suffer first before thee can have the glory and beauty, this be of sadness, but it will be so.

Q: What if one believes that after this body dies one simply ceases to exist until the final judgment day, how does that work?

This can happen in two ways. For many entities say that this is their belief, but toward the ending of their times, this is not their belief. But those entities who do believe this thing, they will find a place in which their consciousness rests and is alert, but to all within itself be blackness until they allow themselves to see themselves entering the light, and then within their consciousness they see the difference.

Q: Would most people be able to view the future and combine and integrate it now?

Most certainly. For what thee believe and practice manifests. And there be entities that do this. There be an entity of Galileo and other entities within thy past who projected their consciousness into the future and made the future in their now. It be an exception, but it can be done.

Q: It might not be accepted in their time, but later on it might be? The question is how?

The question how is done through going within self, linking with that which is constant, that which is of connection. If this be done with others, then this be even of greater help. And in doing this thing realizing what we say all along, that there be no time. And if there be no time, thy consciousness exists in all of this.

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