On May 5, 1995, Equinox opened up with, "Myama! Has this not been a better week than the last?"

Q: It most certainly has!

And it shall be a better week next?

Q: Yes! Really!

And next!

Q: Awesome.

Is this not what we are wanting?

Q: This is what we are wanting!

But is this not what we are manifesting.

Q: I hope so.

Then why do we not hear this when we listen in? We hear all about what is wrong and nothing about what is right. How many entities in this room have been talking about how wonderful everything is right now? Dost thou not understand that when thee talk about what is not right instead of what is right, it puts energy into the "not right?" And it grows? So let's discuss that which is right. Did not thee that loved the heat have this for a while? And those that love the cold, did they not have this too for a while? Isn't this lovely? And do we not have the blooms appearing? And new ones every day? And is it not the skies of blue?

Q: Yes.

What more could thee want? Even that would not be enough. We are just asking thee to do us a favor in the next week, and that is, whenever thee hear a complaint or thee feel like complaining, then what we would suggest is that thee find one thing that thee can revel in its beauty and its perfection and enjoy that for that moment. And maybe, just maybe, this will be a difference on the planet and once thee see that this works, then maybe it will be forever.

Q: I think we all agree to do that!

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