On July 31, 1987, a question asked of Equinox was, "How does one help another recognize the Godliness within them? How does one teach another to develop one's own self esteem?"

One must first find the Godliness within self and project that perfect love and perfect Godliness onto all that surround them. And when one is viewed in absolute perfection one will always live that perfection. Dost thou understand?

Q: Yes.

So if all of you on this plane project only perfection and loving and Godliness on each other, wouldn't all of you live in that perfection and Godliness?

Q: Yes. How simple.

It is. All is simple. Truth is always simple. It is man that makes truth difficult, and other souls that come here and tell this plane that life is difficult. This plane was never meant to live in difficulty! You are our perfect children! You are the most loved of all the beings! And you are the ones that choose to have the most pain. And this causes within the galaxies and all the people pain. Dost thou understand?

Q: Yes. So in order to assist another to find their own Godliness we must find it first within ourselves and reflect that.


Q: Show them your own Godliness?


Q: How easy.

Trusting that thee are perfect - all love - all light - all knowledge - all within this circle - all within this plane - this is who you are. This is thine essence! What else is there, is there because you have chosen to put this upon your canvas, to paint other colors upon the perfect white that is your canvas. And if those colors cause pain and if those colors are disharmonic, if those colors are disjointed, that is what you have chosen to put there. And now erase this and put upon it perfection, perfect light and love, and all that is God - which is you.

. . . .

We are all God. And within us and around us is all that God manifests. When we open to our Godliness, nothing is forbidden us. You have no fears on the financial, mundane end of this lifetime, as long as you grow on the other levels. (TR 06/26/87.)

. . . .

On June 26, 1987, a question asked of Equinox was "On what level is Jesus Christ?"

On what level do you place Jesus Christ?

Q: On the highest plane.

On the highest level?

Q: Yes.

You are wrong.

Q: You speak about Jesus?

Yes. You said on the highest level.

Q: Compared to myself.

You said on the highest level. There shall be no other God before me. Dost that phrase. . . .

Q: I understand he is not my God. He is only a master who is teaching us.

Then we would like to know why you answered as you did?

Q: As a master compared to other masters, he is on the highest level.

And you believe this? You are below this?

Q: I thought so.

Are we not all God?

Q: Yes, we are.


Q: Yes.

How can one essence be lower than any other essence?

Q: I do not know.

Then answer me, where do you place this being? This being is beside you as a friend would be beside you and not above nor below. Take his advice in whatever way that you choose, but do not put yourself below any man. Dost thou understand?

Q: I do.

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