On June 4, 1993, Equinox was asked, "What causes the violence in some people even to the detriment of their own goal. What causes the violence? For instance, someone going in to rob a bank and the bank clerk is shot before they even open the vault. The killer fled because they could not get into the vault. The violence was futile."

Do you not see goodness in these things?

Q: It is a little difficult to see the goodness.

We are much amazed by Terrans. Thee preach one thing and live another. Is it not that thee complain often that Terra is much hard to live upon? That there is much pain upon this planet?

Q: This is true.

Dost thou not believe that the other side be filled with wondrousness?

Q: Yes.

The goodness of this is when one being upon Terra cares enough for another to help this being go over. Can thee not see the preconceived nature of this act? That which thee call lunacy? Is there random in the universe?

Q: So this is merely the means for that person to reach the other side, although the intent by the other person did not seem benevolent?

Dost thou not also understand the wonderment of the growth that this enables all the other beings that get to learn from this thing? It should be a blessed thing when an entity chooses to go on. But upon Terra, it is not a blessed thing. This is so?

Q: We don't seem to feel that way, no.

And dost thou not close thy eyes to how often it truly occurs upon Terra? For the one or two people that die in such a way in the United States of America or Arizona? How many millions are dying this way in Yugoslavia, in Russia, in Africa, and in the many other places? But this thee do not grieve for. Is this sensible?

Q: It is not sensible, but it just seems like at least with the holy wars, they felt like there was some purpose for what they were doing. With this it seemed like it was totally without a purpose.

The purpose is all the same. The purpose is for that entity who is done on Terra to join the other side. And for hose left behind, whether they be the entities that have helped this soul go over, or be entities of thy loved ones and friends, there be much lessons to learn about release and joy. It is very complex.

Q: Yes it is very complex. Why does it seem to be happening more now?

There be several answers to this. We shall give at least two. The first is that it has been happening this much and more throughout centuries. They were known as the Crusades. They were also known as programs. They were known as many different things, where thousands and thousands of entities died, but there was not what thee call masses of communication that instantaneously made thee aware of these things. The oldest of west out here, was it not continual death? So it be not new. But what we would say is that the intensity is growing, the urgency and violence is regrowing in this thing because there be many entities upon Terra who are ready to leave. They are using this to alert thy people of how off balanced thy planet is. How out of harmony thy planet is. To do this thing as we have said before, it often takes extreme pain to get thy attention.

Q: Is part of this also karmic commitment, where two entities have a contract with each other?

Of course, there is nothing random about an entity's demise. It all be of choice. Is it random when thee be born?

Q: No.

Would it then make sense that it be random when thy soul be born again on a different plane?

Q: Very interesting perspective. I like that! Many people seem to skirt death. They get into dramatic situations where people around them die, and I understand that perhaps it is not their time. But do we set up potentials of more than one choice of death? And if at any one point we choose not to honor that commitment, then is another one set up to follow along later?

It is a little more complex than that, for if thee learn a particular in that experience that would be learned better in thy survival than in thy demise, then thee shall survive. If there be no learning that takes place, then thy soul will go forward. There be some entities who truly want to demise, truly want to, but it be not their time. And they set it up, and set it up, and they set it up and they keep failing. This too is a lesson that they must learn by repetition.

Q: Like failed suicide attempts?

Failed whatever. It is not always conscious. Dost thou think that the entities of stunt peoples do not in some level of their consciousness know that it could be death for them?

Q: Yes.

Is this suicide?

Q: No.

Is it? It is yes and no.

Q: Maybe. It depends upon the individual. They may not want to die.

Or then again, they may want to die. Thee do not have experiences without learning. It just not always be within thy grasp what thy learning is.

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