Equinox was asked on March 1, 1991, "I would like to talk a little bit about the Persian Gulf War. I know talking about it will be painful on certain levels for all of us, but, can you shed some light on the relationship between Hussein and Bush, if this has a lot to do with it? Also aside from seeing once again unnecessary violence, what is it that we should be seeing about this?"

The most important thing to garner from this situation is not what has happened, but what is happening at this moment. The joyousness of entities uniting in a feeling of peacefulness, a closeness, a feeling again of being very powerful in the uniting. Dost thou understand this thing?

Q: Yes, but are people forgetting that hundreds of thousands of people have been killed?

Thee choose to learn not through goodly of lessons, but through desperation of lessons. And what we would say is, there be no difference between the "Shrubbery" and the Hussein. To both entities, the most important thing about this was winning. It could not be a loss for either entity. Was this not proven in what the Hussein is saying. And this not be an indictment of their beingness, this be an indictment of the planet who allows this. For these be leaders. And who are thy leaders? They be people that thee give power, even without the choice. Even if thee have the choice, thee still give them this power. And in giving this power, thee also develop the karmas, for it be thy responsibility. And what we are saying is, if there be good learning here, then it has served a purpose. But it not be our way of learning. But if it be thy way of learning, then it be in perfection.

Q: Have Bush and Hussein learned anything?

Has the mass of this planet learned anything? They learned that they could win if they bombed the crap out of each other. They have learned that the person with the most weapons wins, and this be of sadness. So then say this to entities, that the lesson here is the unity that is being felt now. The lesson here is the joy of helping another entity, not in the conquest but in the wondrousness of picking up these children from the streets and making their lives whole again. This be what must be concentrated on, not the pain and the anger and the hatred, this be wrong. Concentrate on the beauteousness of what is occurring now. And understand that this could be done in other ways than the way that was chosen.

Q: I would love to know how they could have sat down and stopped it.

It could have been stopped before it was begun. Dost thou think that in a community as small as the Earth that all things are not known by all governments. This was not unknown that this entity chose to inhabit this other country. This had been known before it happened. But there be much more to be accomplished doing things in ways that may not be sensible to thee that are sensible to powerful entities.

Q: It seemed like there was absolutely no way they could talk to each other. How could they have talked to one another?

The only way that they could have talked after the fact was if both entities truly cared about whom they led instead of who they were.

Q: Yes, their egos were a big problem.

And this be true of all entities on Terra. If thee cannot talk with thy own mate, thy own parents and children, how in the world can thee talk to a foreigner who is misunderstood? All entities on Terra choose to be right instead of choosing to be loved. This is all right, for a learning takes place, but there be other ways that might be less painful.

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