This is information that Equinox channeled through unconscious typing. This is information that Equinox wanted to share.

Often we have heard humans bemoan thy lives on Terra, and even wonder if this is the place that thee call "hell." Hell is a condition of mind, again a belief. If thee believe that thy experiences of life are so terrible that there can be nothing worse, then we assume that this fits a definition of hell. If thee believe in the concept of punishment and sin, then thee must also logically believe that there be a place outside of self, and a being outside of self that will accomplish this punishment. Consequently, if thee creates reality, and thy reality includes a place called hell, then this dimension exists for thee. However, the universal consciousness does not include this concept, and once thee understand that only thee judges thyself, this concept can be erased from thy reality. Understand, that thee cannot see the whole from thy perspective. Because of this simple truth, judging thy actions in the sight of very limited information is rather futile. Souls exist in many lives, and on many planes and planets. Each of these existences have tenets, and those tenets, ethics and realities will be quite different from each other. Within each lifetime, there are also differing ways to learn. These are that which we believe thee call lessons. There be no right way or wrong way to learn only differing ways. It is the learning that has value. Consequently judging thy progress before thee can see the learning is usually going to end in a misguided result. One cannot be without judgment, for thee need to know one thing from another and that is a type of judging, but judging in a manner that conveys wrongness can cause misguided learning. This is not only the judgment of others, but of thyself, too. If negative judgment is counterproductive, then the concept of sin is irrelevant. Also, what is a sin in one land, time frame, or culture may be considered blessed at another. Is it not true, that each region upon Terra believes in differing truths and that each believes that their truth is the only one? All truths have relevance and can point the way to consciousness, but no one truth is enough. The universe is filled with all possibilities and in limiting those, thee limit truth.

And heaven? When thee view thy existence as hell, or even as profoundly difficult, is it not a wonderment to believe that if thee be good enough, thee will spend eternity in bliss? But what is good enough? Understand, the All is not judgment or perfection. It is only the component parts of all that is which has come together in total love. Within total, love thee will feel safe and pleasured. Thy dreams can manifest and be fulfilled. Without judgment then, if thee dream of a place that provides thee safety, then safety will manifest. But if instead thee dream of punishment, in nonjudgment, that too will manifest.

Then What is the Other Side?

This is another dimension or another perspective. It is an existence in which a different learning can take place. That learning may be as a preparation for thy next incarnation: a review of past learning; a resting time; or even a time spent overseeing and advising others who are incarnate. There are levels of learning even in this dimension, but these levels do not connote superiority, only what experiences may be had on these levels. Existence then is as a circle: no beginning or ending, only continuation; no successes or failures, only experiences; and no bliss or pain, only perceptions. All is love, but love has differing meanings to physical entities. To some to be loved is to be taken care of, to others that would be pain. To some to be loved is to possess another, to others that would be torture. To some to be loved is always to have another to validate thy worthiness, to others this is not needed. One of the most important learning that can be made upon Terra is to understand that love is not the same for all people. So then, what is love? What is bliss? What is heaven? What is hell? Is not learning and growing wondrous?

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