This is information that was channeled from Equinox by unconscious typing. This is information that Equinox wanted to share with the world.

Release and forgive is what is often said to Terrans, however, this seems to be quite difficult to accomplish and the more thee tries, the less is released. Perhaps it is in the attempt to change that the error occurs. Is it not true that the longer thy concentrates upon anything the more likely it will be to grow and begin to consume thy thoughts? How can letting go be accomplished when thee hold to the thought of letting go? Often the need to release has more to do with what thee think thee should do or are being told to do rather than on a real desire. When true desire is present, the actual experience is unnecessary. If thee just ALLOW that all things are functioning in perfection and not try to force thy will even upon thyself, then manifestation occurs. It is not expedited by force; it is instead delayed. Forcing thy will only causes thee frustration whether thee force thy will upon thyself or upon others. Allowing thyself and others to be in perfection, desiring to be in perfection, and accepting all is perfect even if thee do not understand the mechanism is enough. It is not necessary for thee to know that the method of thy release is effective or even appropriate, just that thee are allowing it to be.

Allowing is much like faith or trust. It is a declaration to the All that thee need not understand, but that thee are in acceptance of what is. With thy limited perspective of the Universe, it would not be possible to understand fully the whys of the Source. It would only continue to confuse. And when thee think that thee truly understand, it is time to rethink for none are ready yet to be complete. It is this completion that will answer thy questions, not the search for others to answer them or thy frustration in needing all answers now.

Can thee not appreciate the search and the learning that takes place through this search? It is the mission of all who live to experience so that all others shall grow. Allow that all thy experiences are relative and perfect as they are. As all endure thy search, all become stronger. Thee are truly linked with All, and trusting and allowing this truth will enable thee to make the growths, the releases, the linkage that everyone desires and strives to complete. Everyone eventually makes this completion. Allow this truth.

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