Equinox, through an unconscious channel, typed this information that they wanted to share with us.

Many upon Terra question the reason for their existence. It is a simple one: to learn and to grow. Thy life upon the physical plane is one of the senses and learning to use, understand, and then to bypass them. As was stated earlier, reality exists only in thy perceptions. Thee perceive through thy senses which are often inaccurate. Do all human entities on Terra see the same or even equally? Obviously, the answer is no. There are those who see color differently. This is even noted between the sexes. There are those who see well or poorly in differing light; those who see better, closer or farther away; and those who see with their eyes not at all. Each entity does not perceive all senses upon Terra equally. Consequently, each perceptions will differ. In addition, the sexes produce differing chemicals in greater and lesser amounts which also change the way each views reality. This is often why the sexes experience grave differences in opinions that effect the way they interact with one another. Many misunderstandings are considered personal attacks when really it is a differing of perceptions. When entities view reality via only their private perceptions instead of communicating with one another to confirm or get additional opinions, and then firmly hold to these realities, misunderstanding turns to distrust and finally to dislike. Thus, the cycle of isolation continues, and Terrans become more and more alienated from each other. As growth and learning take place, entities learn that perceptions can and are often mistakenly based upon old lessons that may no longer be applicable. They begin to see through the myth that humanity has clung to, separateness, and eventually to see the reality of unity. All upon Terra are connected: once in consciousness, always in biology. When we say all, we mean all: plant, animal, and planet. What affects one, effects all, and as thy consciousness expands to understand this, mass reality becomes the myth and true consciousness begins to evolve. Eventually, the entire planetary consciousness expands and all reality upon Terra unites into true consciousness: the connection to each other that reconnects thee to the All.

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