On May 5, 1995, Equinox was asked, "In our society, and in other societies on Earth, it appears that hate is such a strong emotion and with it seems such power. By the same token, love would be an equal to that power. How can we manifest to balance the scales, so that love carries the same power that the emotion of hate would?"

Very simple, and thee have heard it over and over, but it is much more difficult to accomplish. Thee first must love thyself. How many entities in this room truly give as much to themselves as they do others? How many entities in this room allow thyself to make as many mistakes and excuses as they do for thy friends? How many entities in this room have often hated thyselves? That is why it carries such a charge for most entities upon Terra understand hate. They don't understand love.

Q: In regard to love and hate, balance means that both need to be weighed equally?

No. Balance means that they are the same.

Q: So that there would not be just all love because then it would be out of balance?

It is not about polarities. This is something that Terrans accept. It is that hate and love are the same thing. It depends upon the perspective. It is the problem of Terrans that thee exist in this paradise on one foot. It is as though all of thee stand on one foot and cannot figure out why it is so difficult to move. But dost thou notice what thee have done by being physical species, thee have been given two sides. It is so that thee can understand that there are two sides, but it is still one entity.

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