On January 6, 1989, Equinox was asked "Regarding the nature of the soul, what is your perception of the soul? Also, what is the relationship between the soul and our soul's ability to find its knowledge and energy?"

This is of much simpleness. Thy soul is knowledge, absolute of truth and absolute of love. It is that which is joined into the greater force. Dost thou understand this?

Q: No.

Dost thou understand the greater force? This is of our beginnings. Dost thou understand this?

Q: Yes.

And does not this greater force contain all knowledge and all truth and as a part of this greater being, does not thy essence or thy soul contain such as well?

Q: Yes.

Is this not the seat of thy Godself?

Q: Yes.

Then thy soul or thy essence is truth, absolute of knowledge and absolute of love. For all that love is, is absolute of truth. Dost thou understand?

Q: Yes.

How does thy soul assimilate knowledge? It is knowledge. For this is when thy essence grows, within a lifetime of the knowledge that it has chosen to forget for a time. It absorbs this knowledge in a way that rings of truth within. And as it is absorbed, it grows and expands. And this is why many essences of much expanded knowledge seem to have also an expansion of the aura. This is thy soul as it extends out. Dost thou understand?

Q: Yes. As it extends out, what is the quality that makes each soul unique? If the knowledge is universal and extends out, what then gives an individual soul its identity?

Each entity is not unique. Each entity is much the same as all other entities. And this is a truth. But the differences experienced within thy physical existence stem from the knowledge that has been chosen to be forgotten before entering. Dost thou understand?

Q: To a degree. Why would you choose to forget?

Why dost thou choose to forget? Thou choose to forget, so thee can experience and relive truth again. For each time, it is such of a blessed of experiences. Each time thy physical self experiences joy, dost it relinquish the need to experience this again?

Q: No.

This is why. Dost thou understand?

Q: Partially. But isn't it true that we can have more than one existence at the same time? We have an existence right now in this physical body, but do we not also simultaneously have a part of our consciousness elsewhere as well?


Q: How does the phenomenon of simultaneous incarnations works? (TR 05/05/95)

Can energy go in separate directions?

Q: Yes.

Are thee energy?

Q: Yes.

Can't thee be in separate places at once? Can thee not be sleeping and also out gallivanting? This is how. It is very simple. How many light sources are in this room?

Q: Several.

Is this separate energy or is it the same energy just going in different directions?

Q: The same.

You have to stop thinking of yourselves as this (physical body). This is just an interesting fun thing to exist in but thee be the energy that inhabits this fun thing to exist in. Otherwise the vehicle would be lost because her energy is out having another incarnation right now and we are here having fun.

Q: Ok. So then how does all this integrate? Is there another part of self that we forget and is living a separate life? (TR 01/06/89)

There are other parts of self, of thy essence, which are experiencing differences. They are not truly forgotten. They are functioning differently and this is accepted. There is no checking up to be done. Dost thou understand?

Q: I am not sure.

Dost thou understand the unit of family?

Q: Yes.

The unit is an entity singular, is this not so? Among this unit may be two, three, or many entities that make such unit. And each of these entities goes about what they are doing, not conscious of what the other entities are doing. But the unit is still functioning as such, is this not so?

Q: Yes.

Q: Well then how many different units do I have right now? Is it a set amount - like everybody has 5?

No. It is an amount decided as growth and experiences take place. It can change. There are times when the separateness comes together and times when others are sent out. Dost thou understand this?

Q: So there is a time when we are in total unity?

This is so.

Q: Is that at the level you are at?

Oh, there are some of us that are also yet separate. There are many levels. It is a choice to not leave the All again.

Q: What is it that binds us with our soul and its knowledge? What allows us to share that knowledge with others? What is the common thread?

The common thread is that we are all one. We are all from the same energy. If we are electrical energy, it does not matter if this electrical energy runs our refrigerators or our lights, does it?

Q: No.

It is one and it communicates and it understands. Just as we, no matter what plane, are all one in energy. And understand that the understanding is not of words. How often has each of you attempted to communicate in this way and felt no power? It is a knowingness from linkage, from actual of coming together. This is what we speak of many times when we talk of circles within circles and linkages. Dost thou understand?

Q: Yes. So then we can quantify this storage within the electromagnetic spectrum?

Oh, yes. And have thee not noticed that the more of entities that come together, the more this expands. It is not limited. It cannot be depleted. It is completed when there are many. This is why we pray and work so of much hard to have the linkage occur on all of Terra. For when the linkage is occurring, can thee hurt thy neighbor? Can thee hurt thy planet? Can thee allow pain within anyone? This is why we try much of hard to have a linkage here. Dost thou understand soul?

Q: Yes. Thank you. So what you are saying then Equinox, is instead of electromagnetic energy which runs our refrigerators and radios, the energy comes from within?

We are energy. It comes from nowhere. It is. It has been.

Q: We are the same energy, but I have a feeling that I disagree with "all of the same." We are different individuals.

The energy is the same. The manifestation of the energy is what makes an individual.

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