This is information that was channeled directly from Equinox through unconscious typing. This information is information that they wanted to share with the world.

In thy search for oneness does thee not expect that it will only come when thee find a soul mate? What, however, do thee perceive as a soul mate? The responses we have heard in the past include: my perfect mate; someone who will completely understand me and never judge me; someone that I can always feel good with; and someone who truly loves me. If this entity exists, would thee recognize them. Would thee accept this being if they be of a different race, religion, nationality, same sex, much older or younger, or very unattractive? Think on this for often the answer is much more complex than thee can imagine. Often the answer will say more about thee than thee might want to see.

In thy search for oneness, you are again giving your power to another. Can thee not perceive of the possibility that thy oneness is complete within thyself not through a dependency on another? Dependency often poisons potential, for not only do thee have impossible expectations, but thy partner must struggle for the success of two. This will most certainly breed frustration, disgust and eventually hatred for both thee and thy partner as thy real desires are not met and thy partner's desires are turned into guilt.

As long as thee expect to find thy growth and thy strength through another, thee will never feel complete. One other entity can never give thee all that thee think thee need. Do not thy needs change? And when they do what must thy partner do, change as you have? What if they have other needs thy thine? Must they give up their growth? Would thee truly feel better if another took over thy growth? We have seen this fail throughout thy history. Each entity has a responsibility to find, create and use their own power. Whenever this thing is given to another, whether a loved one, a job, a government or a religion it is the loss of a soul. Growth is essential upon Terra. Learning is essential upon Terra. Without thy power thee only learn to accept the lessons, learnings and beliefs of another. Thy growth then becomes stunted and eventually the ego becomes destroyed and the soul frustrated, and unless this is that life's lesson, then the lifetime is lost.

Protect thy power. Share it with others, but do not give it away nor take anothers. When thy power and love are shared with many, instead of hoping for one entity to empower thee, then the entire planet consciousness is expanded and all feel empowered. We are not saying that thee cannot choose to partner with another solely, whoever, do not expect that this being to be all to thee, or provide thee with everything thee needs for we believe this is not possible. Instead love this being, share thyself with them, but do not forget also to share thy love and knowledge with others and learn and grow with them also. As thee continue to grow outside thy primary partnership, thee bring more knowledge back to thy home. And if thy partner also has freedom to grow through others, then the partnership has the potential to continue in growth, learning, and happiness without either of thee feeling the pressure of providing everything for another.

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