On June 4, 1993, the general question asked of Equinox was, "what is the perception of humans from physical birth to about three years old, since essentially that time is a memory gap for us?"

This would be a generalization. There are beings that remember.

Q: It depends upon the individual, but I believe that there are a great many of us who do not. What are the perceptions of an entity of this age?

It depends upon at what point, for there be times when the entity is vacant from the body. There be times when the entity be present and all things are new and exciting, and it be like a bowl that is constantly being filled until such time as that which thee call thy brain can sort the feelings and put them into categories so that this entity can then verbalize.

Q: So it is essentially taking inputs and data from the surroundings and then trying to correlate that into some type of recognizable pattern?

This is so. At first what is only seen be shapes and colors, then those shapes and colors begin to coalesce and become associated with sound, and hards and softnesses, and tastes and smells, and even judgment of goods and bads.

Q: From an infant's point of view, can they see you or an entity that is not in physical? It seems like infants can see entities out of physical easier than adults can, but then they learn not to see them as they grow older.

Thee have learned not to see it.

Q: Is it possible that the child remembers previous lives, and this one hasn't quite taken reality yet? Is the previous life affecting his current reality?

This is so. This is how the sorting begins. From previous memory, the entity can say this is good, this is bad, this is what this does. Dost thou understand?

Q: So am I correct in assuming that our memory more or less starts when we get to a level that we can start sorting things out from the things that are coming in and make sense out of it, and then it sticks?

Thy memory is there from the moment thy sense organs begin. It is access to this thing that be muddled and confused because it has no position (or reference) in reality.

Q: When does the soul initially come in?

When it decides to. Some entities must have the experience of being in utero. Other entities need only the experience of birth. Other entities may choose to come in at the moment when the first cry is heard. Other entities may come in, in addition to other entities, at points within the history of the soul, where it be too painful for one soul alone.

Q: Can an entity that is in spirit form adjust the physicality of the fetus while it is in the uterus?


Q: So the soul can come popping in and out during the nine months before birth to make the changes that it needs?


Q: But the soul is not necessarily there all the time?


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