On August 6, 1994, a general question asked of Equinox was "What can we do to make more people on this planet realize that it does not matter what color our skin is, what religion we are, or what race we are?"

The greatest gift that could be given unto Terra would be the gift of blindness. For it be the greatest disservice to thy souls that with thy eyes open thy be filled with judgment. With thy eyes open thee bring thyself pain. Thee be wrong about the idea that what is going on in this place has to do with skin color. It has to do with the belief in superiority. Is it not very typical on Terra that it has to do with belief systems? And this again causes separateness. So when groups of people have the same beliefs, they will find the color is irrelevant. But put people together with diametrically opposite beliefs, and then it seems to be color, but that is not the truth. This is even so within the United States of America, for there be faiths that encompass Asian people, Anglo people, and Hispanic. And then there be faiths that all believe what is classified as Christian, but each hate each other. For each says the other is not of truth.

It be the ideology that caused the hatred, much less than the color of the skin. The ideology can also be cultural pride. It be again a separateness instead of a unity. All that can be done is to bring into consciousness all of thy own thoughts into awareness the true connectedness rather than the false separateness. And like all ideas, this one can infect the planet. And once consciousness begins to open, it is very difficult to close.

Q: Is the separateness caused by fear?

Always. Always. And this be the hatred of these fears. It is fear or prosperity. There be prosperity in hatred. For many, many, many, many, many times upon this planet, it has been prosperity which has caused hatred to begin. Groups of people were brought into slavery because entities became rich this way, and they had to make those entities contribute to their wealth. Beware and aware of what thy believe in thy soul for thy beliefs manifest.

Q: Is there anything we can do to help bring this about?

Talk! Educate! Plant seeds. We do not say argue, for arguing will only entrench those entities in their fear. But educate, as the entities of Buddha, Muhammad, and Jesus of Nazareth did. They educated. They planted seeds. True, not everyone is living in the seed. The seed is in thy consciousness. Is there anyone in this room that has not heard of these entities? Is there anyone in this room who does not know that they professed the continued love and togetherness of humanity? It is thee consciousness. It has only been 2,000 years, which is a drop of time.

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