On March 1, 1991, the question asked of Equinox "What were the functions of the great pyramids? Why were they built? Why are there so many misunderstandings and myths surrounding them?"

Dost thou speak of that which is the great pyramid upon Egypt?

Q: Yes.

This be not the only place these (pyramids) exist. Dost thou understand the concept of star gates?

Q: Yes.

Dost thou understand that these be portals of such? Dost thou understand that star gates do not need buildings? But when one finds (a star gate), is it not often royalty who chooses to use this for their benefit? Where there be a star gate is there not much energy. Energy that can do many things including transporting bodies to better worlds. When (royalty) realized the power that is near the (star gates), they chose to erect buildings that were only for them. It is not the pyramid itself, but the land that the pyramid rests upon.

Q: So the star gates were there before the pyramids and they built the pyramids to keep everybody else out of the star gates?

There be many (pyramids) and they be there to allow magic to take place.

Q: How did they build the pyramids?

The building was done through much death. Many lives were sacrificed for the construction to ego. This be done in many ways. But mostly through a series of mechanical devises that were brought through the gate.

Q: If they were using it for their own purpose, and if many people died in building them, wasn't there a lot of bad energy? Didn't it mess up the star gate a little bit?

Dost thou not know that star gate energy can be used in all ways? Are there not polarities upon this plane? Is there not polarity on this planet? Is it not each and every one of thy lessons and not our lesson as to what is done?

Q: Don't all star gates have gate keepers?

Dost thou believe because there be gate keepers that this cannot be undone? Why dost thou think we are so careful with thy gates?

Q: To protect them.

Q: Can we get some more clarification on the star gate?

Dost thou understand the vortex? These be star gates. They be energy fields within thy planet. It be connected to the universe through which energy can be transferred.

Q: So why were beings buried in the pyramids with all their possessions and loved ones?

Because they chose to believe they would be transported with all their loved ones and all their loving possessions.

Q: Where did they go?

To other planes. Just as thee go when thee leave thy body, but they believed they had to go in this way.

Q: So it wasn't that their physicalness went also?

It could have, but they did not understand how to do this.

Q: Why did they put curses on the pyramids for the people who opened them?

It be fear that kept intruders from experiencing that which was not acceptable for them. So if they put that which thee refer to as a curse, can it not stop those that be ignorant?

Q: Yes, but some of them that went into the pyramids did not know what was going on inside when they picked up the stones.

This be not a curse. This be energy that was badly handled. This also be a microorganism within this place which they breathed and which killed them. This be different.

Q: Are the records for Atlantis in the Sphinx?

We were not aware that there be written records. There be within the planet, places in which knowledge be kept. We do not believe that the sphinx be one.

Q: The rocks for the stones for the pyramids were not close by. Where did they get the stones and how did they transport them?

They knew more about how to transport things through a star gate than thee do.

Q: So they were using things that we do not know about yet?


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