On January 6, 1989, the question was asked of Equinox, "I believe firmly that we need to work on establishing peace in this country and in this world, yet I believe that religions in the past have caused and are still causing so much war and actually prevent us from achieving peace.

Dost thou not know what religion is doing upon Terra?

Q: Oh, I do. I believe that I do.

Religion is no longer the belief. Religion is the entity who is in front of the person exerting their ego.

Q: In the church that I belong to, I have seen our spiritual growth being controlled. This troubles me because I believe in the principles underlying the faith, but it seems that they are not actually practicing those principles.

This is because the founders of many of the spiritual places that became religions were masters. The entities who interpret what they said and carry on the faith are not. These followers are man, man has ego, and with ego they misinterpret the basis of the faith and thus this is no longer clean. Dost thou understand?

Q: I do, but I did not think that was so true in this religion.

Were there not men that interpreted the writing of others?

Q: Yes, but they were descendants of the founder?

Dost thou not know that a master comes into a structure, a family, but is not of that family? So those that are descended from this being are not any more evolved by his closeness than anyone else who gets to listen to his words. Dost thou understand this?

Q: Yes, I do.

Is among all of the religions now, there are entities who really know what was said and they shall make these things known. And when they are known, what will become apparent is that it is all one and the same thing. And that is all that needs to be known. Again that there is no difference, only sameness.

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