On July 31, 1987, a question asked of Equinox was, "I have some close friends that refer to themselves as Christians, and they know that I am on a metaphysical search."

Oh. They fear for you.

Q: Yes.

Because these souls do not understand the actual teachings of Christianity. If they would read their own book, they would see that one of the basic premises of that religion is to love one as thee love thyself. Is this not so?

Q: This is so.

If this is so, then does metaphysics preach anything differently?

Q: No. That's what I say.

That is correct.

Q: They tell me that the Bible is the only thing that has all the answers in it, and I wanted to know how that relates to the Koran and all the other great books?

This planet is given so many opportunities to learn. Wouldn't it be very saddening if there was only one truth?

Q: Yes.

There is no one truth. All truths say the same thing, just under different wrappings. Bless these people for they know not what they do.

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