This information was channeled directly from Equinox through unconscious typing. This is information that they wanted to share with the world.

Every soul has an individual purpose in each incarnation. This personal purpose does not take away from the united purpose. It is only one of the ways the soul uses to learn and to grow. Personal purposes will always consist of a series of lessons that help thee to grow and remember the unity of all things. Many upon Terra do not really understand that this can be accomplished in many ways, but traditionally humankind finds unity through pain and trials. This is not necessary, but because the examples of this are so resplendent within thy fables and lore, they have become the way of the mass consciousness. Are not thy holy books filled with examples of suffering that brought enlightenment or what thee call "salvation?" Are not thy words also filled with these examples?

Many Terrans have asked us what their personal purpose is in this present incarnation, and what we would say to thee now is that knowing thy precise purpose is less important than continuing to grow and to learn for when thee do this thing, then thee are living thy purpose.

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