Equinox gave a message directly through an unconscious channel as follows:

In thy search for knowledge, often humankind chooses to teach each other lessons. One way to accomplish this is to lovingly accept misfortune into thy life in order that thy people surrounding thee may also benefit from thy experiences. This is particularly true of those entities called parents. Having to participate in the suffering of a child is difficult for all humans, but it is much more devastating when this entity is a family member. This should not be so, for the suffering of any affects the All, but on Terra where the consciousness is of separation, thy family has more impact.

What might thee learn from these interactions? Perhaps bravery, faith, love, hope, responsibility and power. These can be learned through thy own experiences or through observation of thy loved one. Often through these episodes, humans begin to believe in miracles or begin a search for truth. The organism does not remain static. Some change must take place. Whether thee view these changes as good or bad is not relevant for thee cannot judge value for others. The experience creates change which creates knowledge which ultimately creates growth.

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