On January 6, 1989, Equinox was asked, "Two weeks ago, an airplane was blown up by a bomb. Out of curiosity, and I don't know if knowing this information is important for us, who did it? More than anything, why did they do it? And is this just the beginning of many more of these kinds of flirtations with man-made, man-created, or man-initiated disasters?"

Dost thou want the metaphysical reasons or the other reason that this was done?

Q: The reason that I and people in this room who chose to listen to the answer should hear.

We shall give you both. The group that did this was a group of Arabian of beings, a small group, a very small group, below 30 in personages. They believe that destruction and chaos must come before growth may take place and so they chose to make a statement in this way. They also felt that they were doing retribution against a wrong done to their colleagues. Dost thou understand?

Q: Yes, I do.

The metaphysical reason this was done was a group of beings chose to leave this plane.

Q: Will there be more?

Many. It is becoming much more intensive, much more intensive.

Q: Will it be here?

Where is here?

Q: Here in this country?

Oh, yes.

Q: Soon?

We have already said that there is a strong of potential for what we would call nuclear terrorism. And where soon is concerned, time does not exist. It will be much too soon for all who live in it.

Q: But we can change that though through our thought patterns, can we not?

If the linkages take place, but it cannot be done by one thought. It must be done by many.

Q: How can that stop the choice of others though?

If the love is what is felt instead of the anger, it can overwhelm and change minds.

Q: How are we progressing with that? I know that there has been a movement with many people banding together with their thoughts and a change in their consciousness.

What we feel soul is that not many of the people are truly doing this. A few people do this in a regular manner, very few do this that way. It is done regularly only when announced and pushed. Otherwise, it is not part of a consciousness here. This is why many of us have come to speak now. To alert thee that thee have control here, but thy entities chose to play as turtles and pull in and ignore. Dost thou understand?

Q: Oh, absolutely. I think we do it all the time even though we are aware.

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