"Our question tonight (June 7, 1991) is in reference to something we have discussed quite a while ago, the seven planes of existence. It was said that Terra belonged on the third plane of existence. The third plane involved the beginning of knowledge, cooperation, and linkage. Is it that all beings on Terra are evolved on this plane already? Or do people come to Terra to evolve themselves on this plane?"

This be it. What occurs is that on many planes there be many differing experiences. What we say to thee then is, upon Terra as on many other of the physical of planets, the combining of forces, the combining of knowledge, the combining of the physical body to create other physicals, the combining of cooperation, all these things make for a lovely planet and then a lovely plane. Is this not what is being accomplished here?

Q: Ideally, yes.

If thee had been in many incarnations on planes of mental existences and planes of nonphysical, wouldn't thee not think that it would be of much goodness to experience this existence.

Q: Yes.

Be it better?

Q: No.

Be it worse?

Q: No.

What be it?

Q: Just different.

It be growth. Just growth.

Q: So if one is a native Terran, if one is from Terra, their original planet, how does one experience the first two planes of existence?

It be possible to experience other planes of existence upon Terra. Do thee not know this from thy gates? It just be that this planet on the whole deals with the physical.

Q: You had said that on the first plane we were "dealing with singular soul," and on the second plane, it was "beginning to be aware of the light." These two planes also coincide with Terra?

Hast thou ever worked in a rescue and come across an area where there be but little of light?

Q: Yes.

Did this occur while thee were practicing upon Terra?

Q: Yes.

Does it exist in the consciousness of this planet?

Q: Yes.

Then, why did you ask this question?

Q: Because I wasn't thinking clearly.

Good! We are glad that thee be aware of this thing!

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